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Is Fun Dip Vegan? Detailed Analysis of Fun Dip Flavours and its Ingredients

Earlier known as Lik-M-Aid, Fun Dip will take you down the memory to the days when you licked the powder off a sugar stick. Invented in the 1940s, Fun Dip is not just candy but also a childhood experience. 

One question always comes up is, “Do I Have to Give Up Fun Dip in a Vegan Diet?”. 

So, is Fun Dip vegan? Yes! Fun Dip is vegan and doesn’t contain any animal-based ingredients.

Unlike many other brands, they use Red 40 synthetic food color instead of carmine. 

Having said that, food colors are not healthy; Carmine isn’t, and so is Red 40. And the worst part is they are tested on animals. 

Veganism as a lifestyle frowns on animal cruelty.

Refusing to pay for products can reduce the demand, forcing the companies to look into less animal suffering. 

This article takes you through everything you need to know about fun dip and how it fits in your vegan lifestyle.

We’ll also talk about the ingredients for all the different Fun Dip flavors and more. 

Is Fun Dip Vegan Friendly?

Fun Dip is a classic candy that has been around for decades. It comprises a flavored sugar powder(Lik-M-Aid) and a sugar stick (Lix-a-Stix.) The combination of the sour powder and sweet stick made it a nostalgic experience for kids and adults alike. 

But is Fun Dip Vegan? Surprisingly, Yes! Fun Dip is made of artificial synthetic ingredients that are generally plant-based. As it happens, all the flavors have plant-based ingredients making them accessible for vegans

However, it is not without its controversies. The manufacturing process of a few components like Dextrose and Calcium Stearate is questionable. Another component under debate is food coloring since it often involves animal testing. 

What is Fun Dip Made of?

Fun Dip is an artificially flavored sugar product with synthetic and no plant-based ingredients. It is available in two flavors: Razz Apple Magic and Cherry Yum Diddly Dip.

Here’s the complete list of ingredients for all the Fun Dip flavors as mentioned on the Ferrara Candy Shop site:

fun dip flavour ingredients

Controversial Ingredients

As mentioned earlier, all the flavors available with Fun Dip are vegan and are hence made with plant-based ingredients. Unfortunately, some ingredients have questionable sources 

  • Dextrose 

Dextrose is nothing but sugar, often derived from corn and sometimes from sugar (from sugarcane). The problem with sugar is that it uses bone char (charred animal bones) for its refining process. 

  • Calcium Stearate

Stearate is a salt of stearic acid, a naturally occurring saturated fatty acid. It is found in most vegetable oils such as soybean or palm oil and animal fats such as beef fat. 

  • Food Coloring

Fun Dip uses the food colorings Blue 1, Blue 1 Lake, Yellow 5, and Red Lake 40 in their flavored sugar powders. While these artificial dyes are not animal-based, they are tested on animals routinely. And hence they may not be suitable for a vegan lifestyle.

What is Fun Dip? 

Fun Dip is a candy that makes the process of eating a candy a fun-filled experience.

Every candy has two packs of flavored sugar (different flavors) and 2 “Lix-a-Stix.” The idea is to wet the stick, dip it in the powder, and lick it off. And then you eat the stick.

Did you know that Fun Dip originated in the 1950s? It was invented by the Fruzola Company, which was later rebranded as Sunline Inc. The idea for Fun Dip came from a drink mix manufactured by the Fruzola company. 

The drink mix was subsequently adopted as a sweet and sour sugar-like powder that you could eat directly from the pouch and named Lik-M-Aid.

The idea of “Lix-a-Stix” came later to make the experience enjoyable. 

Fun Dip has changed hands several times since its inception.

Nestle acquired it in 1988, followed by Ferrara, who bought Fun Dip along with other Willy Wonka products. 

Is Fun Dip Bad for You?

As silly and enjoyable as Fun Dip is, it is neither healthy nor good for you. Per packet of Fun Dip has 45 calories and 13 mg of sugar. That’s way too much sugar for just one pack, and Fun Dip comes in a package of two different flavors. 

The combined sugar is more than a child’s permissible sugar levels per day. Keep in mind that the daily value of sugar is 30 gms for adults and 24 gms for children

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Fun Dip gluten-free?

Yes! Fun Dip is gluten-free. It doesn’t use wheat products and is the ideal candy for celiacs and gluten-intolerant people.

Does Fun Dip have dairy?

No! Fun Dip doesn’t have any milk or dairy products. 

Is Fun Dip just sugar?

Yes! Fun Dip is nothing but sugar and more sugar. It is a sour and sweet flavored sugar with a dipping stick also made of sugar.


Fun Dip has been a popular treat among kids across many generations. It comprises a flavored sugar and dipping stick. The idea is to dip the stick in the sugar and lick it for the burst of sour-sweet flavor. You can also mix it with water for a deliciously refreshing drink.

Did you know that this delightful little candy is vegan? It doesn’t have any animal-derived ingredients!

However, it is not without any controversies. Ingredients such as Dextrose, Calcium Stearate, and food coloring have questionable manufacturing processes, including animal cruelty. Vegans may want to think twice before reaching for Fun Dip. 

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